James Pearce is one of the UK's leading media trainers. A very familiar face on BBC television news bulletins for the past two decades, he now dedicates his time to helping many of the country's best-known executives and athletes improve their communication skills.


In his high profile role as the BBC's Olympics Correspondent, James led much of the BBC's coverage of London 2012 for eleven years - all the way from 2001 when a bid to host the Games was first seriously discussed. The job took him to the heart of government. He’s interviewed all six of the UK’s most recent Prime Ministers. The build-up to London 2012 also focused on marketing, communications, sponsorship, and, of course, construction. No other broadcaster in recent years has appeared on British television wearing a hard hat on so many occasions!

James is an award winning journalist, who has developed a reputation for asking tough, pertinent questions and holding organisations to account. He set up this media training business after London 2012, because he wanted to help some of those people who have a good story to tell, but are intimidated by the prospect of a media interview. He works with a large number of high profile clients from the worlds of business and sport. He runs much of the training for large organisations like NHS England, and is responsible for all the media training for the England football squads. He works with many senior FTSE 100 executives, and has also trained dozens of successful Team GB athletes ahead of the past few Olympics and Paralympics. It is a very wide variety of clients, but the skills being taught are the same - how to get across your message in the most effective way.

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