No two media training sessions should be exactly the same. James designs each course to suit a client’s specific needs. 


The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much in our working lives, and it has meant that some of James' current training has moved to Zoom. However, it has been eye-opening how much can be achieved via Zoom. We can deliver in a Zoom training session almost everything that can be delivered face to face, including recording and playing back practice interviews. There is the added advantage of staff being able to join a session from a variety of different locations. It has also made international training sessions so much more accessible. We recently ran a morning session in Seoul, followed by an afternoon session in Lagos. 

Apart from Zoom, Training can either take place in your office or in a fully equipped broadcast studio. If the training is in your office, James will normally be accompanied by a professional camera operator so that interviews can be recorded and played back for analysis.


Available courses range from a basic introduction to media interviews, through to intense crisis management scenario exercises. We have also added a new course, which has been very popular, for businesses wanting to help their staff improve their communication skills for all the video calls that are now such a large part of the 'new normal'.  In addition, James works with some of the UK's leading social media trainers, and social media can be included in your training programme on request. We are here to help you. Whatever you need, we will make sure that we deliver it for you.


Determining the right 'message' can often be as important as delivering it, and message building is a core element of a number of James' training courses. There is even a stand-alone messaging course, popular with staff who are trying to improve their communication skills in meetings and presentations.


Broadcast training is most effective when carried out in small groups, or one to one. This allows the maximum time for individual interview practice and feedback.


Preparing for an important pitch or presentation? Just a few hours with James will give you the confidence and technique to deliver the performance of your life.


We understand that when you first contact us you might not know exactly what you need. Please don't worry. We will talk to you, and come back with suggestions. Training is so much more effective when it is designed for each client's particular requirements. Delivering value for money is a key principle at JP Media Training.